Without Resorting 
to Beer Signs

A well-designed, masculine home can be stylish, strong and sophisticated without having to become that stereotypical bachelor pad. We all know that for almost as long as it’s been around, interior design has had a definite focus on women. But in today’s design world, it’s more than possible to create a space that’s contemporary, classy and masculine. You just need to include the right elements!

A strong color scheme: Color can make or break a space, so choosing a color palate that not only fits your style but also complements your furnishings and décor is huge. Feminine color palates tend to be soft; pastels and colors in teals, oranges, pinks, turquoises, purples and greens.To stray away from this, darker hues must be used. This automatically offers a masculine feel to the room. For accents, think pops of white and other light neutrals (tan or cream); these lift the mood without introducing that feminine touch. A masculine color palate may include such elements as dark wood tones, as seen in library desks, wardrobes, and bookshelves. Also think tones of red, rich greens, white, black, charcoal and chocolates to set the masculine mood.

Bold Patterns: Obviously, stay away from floral patterns. They are historically feminine. But using the correct prints and patterns are strongly encouraged to keep the space from being dull. Use patterns that are ridged and crisp, like geometric forms. Patterns that have clean lines and sharp edges help to emphasize the masculinity of your space as opposed to the soft curves and delicate prints of a feminine interior.

Lots of Texture: The use of texture in your space is crucial. Designing your space can be as simple as taking everything that is male vs. female and listing it out; hard, clean, heavy vs. curvy, sleek, ornate. Stray away from soft elements such as smooth or implied textures, plush rugs and over use of pillows. Instead, go for the rougher elements, such as unfinished woods and weathered metals! Animal skin textures such as crocodile or ostrich are very popular natural materials that lend themselves to a masculine feel. Throw in a good cowhide rug every now and then, to add just the right amount of roughness your space.

Meaningful Accessories: A man’s home should feel collected not decorated. This can be done by adding objects that look purposeful, collected over time, like statues, pottery and books–additions that provide a well-lived and well-traveled masculine vibe. Other examples of manly décor may include industrial and vintage pieces, taxidermy and metal sculptures. These add character to any space and contribute to the comfort factor men value so much in their home.

Leather, leather and more leather: Leather is a staple when it comes to a masculine design. You must always have at least one piece of leather! Large Chesterfield sofas or side chairs are the perfect staples for a manly space. Coming in all shapes, shades and sizes, with leather there are a variety of options from which to choose. Black, browns and even white leather offers that timeless, classic modern, rustic, industrial, or even art deco, masculine feel you’re going for.

Beef Up Your Art: Yes, art, even in a masculine space, is important! Art has the power to add the perfect finishing touch to any room. It’s an ingenious way to add color and interest to blank walls, as well as complement your décor. By choosing artwork that mimics the patterns, décor, textures and colors in your space, you can create a well-rounded look that will add layers and depth to your masculine room. Mirrors in natural material frames will also add a reflective look to your space. Art such as maps and black-and-white photography are good pieces as they also may have a particular meaning as mentioned above. Consider abstract art with pops of color for more contemporary spaces. Creating a gallery wall with many different pieces of art will create a studio style look that again, gives the impression of pieces gathered over time. Almost any type of artwork can be arranged into this masculine style, but please, no dogs playing poker!