It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Why Not Let Nonprofits Benefit From Your Excess?

Spring. A time of renewed hope and energy. A time when the great outdoors start to look inviting again after many months of cold temperatures, early sunsets and cloudy days. A bike ride may be just what you need to get out and enjoy the first signs of spring. Or perhaps cleaning your flower pots and shovels puts you in the right frame of mind. But wait! First you have to get to the bike … and just where did you stash those gardening supplies last year?

You realize that, along with the lengthy winter, came months of piling items you had hoped to get organized into a corner of the garage. And you never quite got to sorting through all your gardening supplies last fall when you put them up for the season. To start the spring fresh and new, some spring cleaning is in order.

Whatever process you follow to organize your home for the upcoming months, you’re sure to have a pile of clothes that no longer fit your or your children, duplicate household and kitchen items, and appliances that seemed like they would make your life easier, but now just seem to take up cabinet space. So what to do with these gently used items?

Donate them, of course!

Luckily, here in Cleveland County, we have many great organizations that can benefit from your excess. Look no further to find a nonprofit where you can drop off your old belongings, or even schedule a curb-side pickup, making the process as simple as pack, park at your curb, and be done.

While this is not an exhaustive list of area organizations that take donated goods, it can serve as a starting point.

While your pocket book will appreciate the tax deduction, you’ll feel virtuous knowing you’ve done something to help your neighbors while clearing out some of your household clutter in the process.