Dream Attained 1

Paradise Created in Moore Family’s Backyard

Who doesn’t dream of getting off after a long day of work and escaping to a tropical paradise? Of getting home, kicking off their shoes, and going straight into vacation mode? Moore resident Anita Horn certainly did, but it wasn’t until she reached out to Outdoor Escapes—an Oklahoma outdoor design and building company—that she learned just how attainable that dream was.

“My husband and I considered buying a lake house or a vacation home, but we didn’t like the fact that you can only enjoy those places on the weekends,” Horn explains. “We wanted to walk out our back door, cold drink in hand, and be able to escape from it all.”

That’s where Brian Scroggins, owner of Outdoor Escapes, came in. When Horn called him and explained what she was looking for, “he came over and interpreted my ideas and my vision, and fit everything together perfectly.”

The company has serviced the Oklahoma City area for over 10 years, and a quick browse of the Outdoor Escapes website is enough to start anyone dreaming of their own backyard oasis.

Scroggins came up with a drawing and a plan, and then they worked together so that Horn could visualize exactly what the finished project would look like. The pair decided to add a spa to the existing pool along with an indoor cabana to complete the area, giving it that exclusive resort feel.

From there, they hit the ground running. Horn enjoyed being present during the construction process, something that she would have missed with a vacation home. “Everyone from Outdoor Escapes was so nice and accommodating,” she explains, “and because they were in my backyard, any concerns I had were resolved quickly and completely.”

In fact, Scroggins saw to it personally that Outdoor Escapes gave Horn the backyard of her dreams. “He’s a great listener,” she says. “If I could give advice to anyone considering Outdoor Escapes, it would be: don’t hesitate to call him with questions!” Anytime she had a concern, Scroggins would immediately schedule a time to visit the site and discuss things, and the project would move forward with Horn’s full confidence.

“For example, our original house was built in 1990, so to build on or add something, it was critical that it looked like it was built in 1990, while still looking fresh and new.” Outdoor Escapes had no problem rising to the challenge and providing Horn with the perfect additions to her home.

“The construction probably took about eight or nine months,” she recalls, “but it wasn’t an inconvenience at all because all the work was done in the backyard.” After a pause, she adds, “We weren’t able to use the pool during that time, but we’ve more than made up for it since!”

The finished project was exactly what Anita expected, and it didn’t take long for the Horn family to fall in love with their new oasis. “My husband loves the spa, and I love the indoor cabana with the fireplace. It’s so wonderful in the fall and spring. Our kids laugh and tell people that they’re never surprised to see Mom and Dad laying in the cabana with a blanket watching TV.”

When asked if she would recommend Outdoor Escapes, Anita Horn replied with a resounding “yes”. “This is our lake house.  What could be better than pulling in the garage, grabbing a snack and a drink, and going out back to relax? It’s like a vacation in our backyard!”