Remodel Done Right 2

Project Elevated to Improve Home’s Curb Appeal

Oklahoma’s ever-changing weather. Gotta love it. Well, maybe not so much when showers bring not only welcome rain, but damaging hail.

When northwest Oklahoma City resident Jeff Anderson discovered hail damage to his roof last fall, he called his insurance company to send an inspector to assess the damage. The inspector found not only damage to the roof, but also to the metal siding. Following the wise adage of always getting at least one other quote, Anderson called on Norman-based Valor Systems, LLC, to obtain a second quote—a decision Anderson is pleased he made.

“I compared quotes from Valor Systems with my insurance company and their contractor,” Anderson recalled. “Valor was the best value and was willing to do additional items,” he said, noting that he also had decided now was a good time to make other changes to improve the overall look and curb appeal of his home.

Anderson, a broker associate with expertise on home-buying and remodeling said, “Valor promised—and better yet, delivered—all the things an excellent company should do from start to finish. Rayson gave me a quote and stuck to the price.” He added that, as with any remodel work, surprises popped up; despite that, the company never asked for additional funds.

“The contractors were meticulous and would stop if anything looked out of place,” he said. “All the workers were professional and kind. 
On Halloween, they even handed out candy out to the children since my door was covered with plastic for painting,” said the happy customer.

So, what all did Anderson have done to his house?

“I decided to put a traditional shingle on the roof. We added a ridge vent and removed the venting panels from the side of the house (as it is a 1936 house with the original venting).”

They added a metal roof over the patio to give the house a modern farmhouse look and the siding was replaced with smart siding to withstand the Oklahoma weather and future hail damage.

“They added a light gray paint to the new siding and a dark gray paint to the lower half of the house to give the contrast that homes had from 1936,” Anderson said.

In addition, the gutters were replaced with black gutters to give a bit of definition and make all the other colors pop. New shutters were also added to break up the light gray on the siding with the dark gray on the lower brick.

Anderson said, that he is “thrilled” with the new look, as he “really could not stand the brown siding and blond brick from before.”

“I would recommend Valor Systems to anyone,” Anderson said. “Their bid was very reasonable, especially for the excellence and professionalism of their work. Even the extra work that I added on top of the roof work was very reasonable.”