Valentine's Day

It’s About More Than Just Flowers and Chocolate

Like snowflakes, women’s ideas of what constitutes the ideal Valentine’s Day celebration are as unique as the individual. I sent out a call on my personal and the magazine’s Facebook pages, asking women to share their thoughts about this romantic holiday. Many men may be surprised at their responses. Most said that for them, the day is more about spending quality time together and genuine gestures of affection than about receiving expensive flowers and gifts or a night on the town.

Following are some of their responses; some were edited for clarity and brevity.

“Whatever he does that is a surprise is fun. Going somewhere special and being together means a lot. I check to see what special things are going on and go for one of them. I usually make the plans. He loves being surprised. One time, one of the restaurants had a deal that included a fancy dinner and a limo. I got with three couples who were our friends. They went to each of our houses and picked us up. Champagne was served in the limo. When the limo pulled up, (husband) Lloyd said, “What have you been planning?” He loved it. The guys all said. “Best time ever!” But there have also been times we did things at home. But we both love the element of surprise. And our love for each other is stronger than ever. Adding the spice of life to things.” – Mitzi Blackmon

“My birthday is right before Valentine’s Day so I completely let mine off the hook since I think it’s overrated and it becomes amateur hour at restaurants since everyone who never goes out to eat, has to for that weekend and everyone comes up with specials. So, ideally, we spend that night or weekend in and cook a delicious meal together with my husband preparing the steaks and I take care of the sides. We crack open a bottle of wine and catch up on the DVR or rent a movie and avoid the hustle.” – Gina Petruccelli

“Joe and I have been married for 32 years, and we still have fun together and love each other. My birthday is Feb. 8th, so he buys me flowers and cooks for me on that day. On Valentine’s Day, the restaurants are so busy we make drinks and dinner at home together. Sometimes fancy with drinks in a pineapple and Jamaican food and sometimes something simple.” – Terri Stubblefield

Other women’s answers were more succinct but just as heartfelt.

“A home-cooked meal takes effort and planning–that would say, ‘You are special to me.'” – Lori Saunders

“Dinner and a movie at The Warren, heated seats and Jr Mints.” – Kathy Griffith

“Home-cooked dinner and movie on TV with a Braum’s milk shake waiting in the freezer as the added surprise.” – Barbara Graham

“Something that is fun but yet relaxing for both.” – Lea Postoak

Whether you celebrate at home or on the town, best wishes for a memorable and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!