Salud! Spotlighting Local Breweries and Wineries

What comes to mind when you think about quality beers? Germany? Bavaria? What about fine wine? France, or Napa Valley, perhaps?

Proprietors of central Oklahoma breweries and wineries, some new and some well-established, hope you will begin to start thinking local when you head out to shop for a fine beer or wine to go with dinner or for gift-giving.

We visited with the proprietors of two breweries, one in Norman and one in Moore, to find out what goes into making a great beer. For our cover story, we interviewed the owner of Royal Bavaria Restaurant, Brewery and Beergarten, where a variety of excellent German-style beers are crafted using a combination of decades-old recipes and practices along with some decidedly more modern scientific techniques.

(405) Brewing Co. is described as “a self-contained system run by two guys with a passion for beer experimentation.” And it’s a system handled entirely by hand.

Cleveland County also boasts three wineries (as well as a number of vineyards that supply grapes to those and other wineries in Oklahoma): Canadian River Vineyard and Winery in Lexington and Redbud Ridge Vineyard and Winery and Native Spirits Winery in Norman. Canadian River’s Oklahoma-grown wines have won medals in every international competition in which they have been entered.

Looking for something fun to do with your family? The Orr Family Farm has a fall lineup that’s certain to please, including the traditional corn maze, hay rides and a pumpkin patch. For the more adventurous, there’s a thrilling zip line and even Zombie Apocalypse paintball! Read what all waits in store for you in our Parting Thoughts column.

Have a dog or cat? Does s/he enjoy visits to the veterinarian? At Boyer Veterinary Clinic, a concerted effort is made to ensure check-ups and other visits are as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both the human and canine clients. Check out our Locally Owned feature to learn more.

Are you a fan of actor Ed Harris? He’ll be the star attraction at an upcoming film festival and associated events; proceeds will benefit the Women’s Resource Center. Cleveland County Lifestyle is proud to be an in-kind sponsor of this worthy endeavor.

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