Boyer Veterinary Clinic

Father/Son Veterinarians Offer Exceptional Care in a Relaxed Environment

Dr. Jeff Boyer comes across as friendly, open and laid-back–qualities he hopes will be reciprocated by his human clients and their furry pets.

“Dr. Jeff,” an associate veterinarian at Boyer Veterinary Clinic in south Oklahoma City, and his father, Dr. Ronald L. Boyer, also a veterinarian and owner of Boyer Veterinary Clinic, believe that relaxed owners help make for less-stressed pets. They say it is much easier to provide care for and examine a relaxed dog or cat, which makes the overall veterinary experience more pleasant for the patient and owner while still accurate for the veterinarian.

“We strive to maintain, as much as possible, a comforting feeling here for both clients and animals,” Dr. Jeff said.

“I want my clients to know that Boyer Veterinary Clinic can give an exceptional standard of care for their pet,” he added. “But I also want them to know that when they walk into this clinic, they will enter into a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with people willing to help and who are experienced in whatever concern they have with their pet.

“I don’t want owners to worry about the appointment for the dog or cat, along with all the other things they are concerned with throughout the day. We work hard to maintain a down-home feel, clean environment, flexible scheduling and veterinarians who want the best for their pet. We want to help you take care of your pet.”

Despite having a father who is a veterinarian, Dr. Jeff’s path to a career in this field wasn’t one to which he always aspired. At college, he pursued courses leading to a degree in communications. One evening, during a break from Oklahoma City University, his father mentioned that he was needing to hire a second vet.

Without really thinking, the younger Boyer said, “Hey, I should take some veterinary courses and join you.”

The senior Dr. Boyer thought that was a terrible idea because he believed his son wouldn’t want to work the long hours and weekends, plus take care of everyone else’s pets during all vacations.

But, Dr. Jeff recalled, I responded, “Yes, I’d like to work with you. I had a wonderful life growing up, and someday I would like to provide that for my family!”

After some further discussion, his father agreed to wait on the new hire until his son graduated from veterinary school.

After earning his undergraduate degree in biology from East Central University in Ada, Dr. Jeff was accepted into Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. In 2003, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine certificate in hand, he joined his father at Boyer Veterinary Clinic as an associate veterinarian.

Boyer Veterinary Clinic, established by Ron Boyer in early 1991 in Greenway Plaza in south Oklahoma City, moved to its current location at 13500 S. Western Ave., also in south Oklahoma City, in 1995.

Today, Dr. Jeff spends most of his time at the clinic managing diseases, examining patients, discussing care options and providing wellness/preventive care. The clinic is equipped to perform blood and urine testing, cytology, X-rays and surgeries in-house daily.

“We do a wonderful job with disease management, which requires the help of committed pet owners,” he said.

Dr. Ron Boyer also performs more specialized procedures, from surgery to remove bladder stones, cysts and cancerous lumps, to setting broken legs.

“Most of my time is spent with disease management, wellness issues and prevention,” Dr. Jeff said, noting that the clinic also offers a range of products, from specialized diets to nutritional supplements, shampoos, vaccines and parasite control, all facets that contribute to the clinic’s whole-pet-care emphasis.

Dr. Jeff also considers education to be an important part of his job.

“My top recommendation for pet owners to maintain the health of their pets is to keep to a routine, including the dog or cat’s diet, type and frequency of treats, medications, bathing and grooming–even their interactions with each other,” he stated.

“Most problems with pets result from stress, whether it’s from severe heat or the addition of a new child in the house,” he added.

Outside his veterinary practice, Dr. Jeff enjoys spending quality time with his family, which includes his wife, Jenni; three children–Callaway, 5, Cooper, 2 1/2, and Charlotte, 10 months–along with their four-legged family members: a shepherd mix named Oz, a pug named Walter and a 13-year-old cat named Bogey.

He also enjoys hanging with his (human) extended family on their family farm south of Blanchard, a popular gathering spot with lots of outdoor activities and an assortment of wildlife, horses, cows and donkeys adding entertainment value.

Dr. Jeff also is a triathlete, golfer and routine weekend warrior trying to set an example for his family to follow.

For more information about Boyer Veterinary Clinic, call 794.8504.