Oh, So Good! 4

Fudge, Jelly, BBQ Sauce–Even Vodka, All Made Close to Home

Maybe you’ve heard of–or even tasted–some of these products, but we’re betting some will be news to you. While only a sampling of what’s available locally, we hope this list will whet your appetite and prompt you to check out what these and other area entrepreneurs have to offer. We liked all that we sampled!

Makers of A Cut Above 
Handmade Gourmet Fudge

1220 E. Robinson, Norman


Founded by Dr. Kevin Young in 2011

We are a fudge manufacturer engaged in fundraising, wholesale and seasonal retail sales. Denise Schat is the operations and sales manager.

We make 14 flavors of gourmet fudge, which is packaged for group fundraising efforts. For wholesale, we custom package according to the business’ needs, such as cow patties for the state welcome centers. We retail by the pound and package by request for holiday gift-giving, corporate gifts and sweet indulgence, and do custom party trays and fudge-dipped strawberries by order only (great for parties and weddings).

We use only the finest-quality ingredients, and all products are made to order.

Purchase at NorthPark Mall in OKC, our Norman location seasonally or by phone order. Check our Facebook page for the next Pop Up Shop Event.

Gigi’s Gourmet Goodies


Founded by Kit Petersen and 
Les Doty in 2009

We grow old heritage pears and use them for vanilla pear, cinnamon pear, rum pear and ginger pear jellies. We pick apples in central Oklahoma and Colorado for our cinnamon apple jelly (apple pie in a jar) and basil apple jelly–great as a glaze on pork. We pick local prickly pear cactus fruit for our prickly pear jelly. We use Oklahoma-grown sand plums for our No. 1 seller: sand plum jelly.

We hand make our jelly and are proud of the distinctive flavors each of our jellies has.

This is actually act two for us. Les is a retired Continental captain; I (Kit) am a semi-retired lawyer.

Purchase at The General Store in Moore; Super C Mart in Noble; International Pantry, Löhmann’s Good Things, The Earth, Forward Foods, Coki Bay, and Norman Farm Market in Norman; and Urban Agrarian, Plenty Mercantile, Bricktown Candy Co., Gourmet Gallery, Kaye’s Gifts, Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, Nabo Café, and OSU Farmers Market in OKC. And visit our Facebook page.

Hog-A-Rita Foods LLC



Founded by Debbie Stovall in 2013

Hog-A-Rita is an all-female Kansas City Barbeque Society competition barbecue cook-off team.

Our BBQ sauce is rich, sweet and tangy, and will tempt your taste buds and complement your meat, whether you’re a backyard chef or a pro!

We use only premium ingredients; quality is our perfection! In the 2015 American Royal World Series of Barbecue® Sauce Contest, 390 entries were submitted for judging from 38 states and Japan. We placed eighth in the tomato-based category!

Purchase directly from Hog-A-Rita, The General Store in Moore, various local events and at other MIO shops, including the Oklahoma State Fair. And visit our Facebook page.

Ms. Nettie’s




Founded by Lynette and Gary LaMascus 
and daughter Kim on July 7, 2007

I use the best-quality herbs, spices or tea to make my blends. If we don’t like a blend, we redo the recipe until we get it right. My husband likes spicy, me not so much, so we have a good blend of spicy and non-spicy products. We sell dip mixes, rubs, seasonings, teas, botanicals, regular spices, and smoked and non-smoked salts, and, of course, peppers.

I know this sounds hokey, but I think you can taste the love in my products. My blends aren’t full of fillers; in fact, you will ruin your dishes if you put too much in.

It had always been a dream of mine to have an herb and spices business. Ms. Nettie’s has been a family business from the start, and my grandchildren have all worked with me at one time or another. My sister Ann Billings works with me at OSU.

Purchase at the Norman, Moore and OSU-OKC farm markets or through our website.

Waving Wheat Bakery

125 N. Porter Ave., Norman



Founded by John and Skyler 
Collins in 2012

Our goal as an all-natural bakery is to provide wholesome, traditional-style sourdough breads and pastries. With Oklahoma pride, we are committed to utilizing local ingredients and vendors when available.

Everything is made in-house, with LOTS of love. We’re small enough to be able to give the attention great food needs.

We started off like a little turtle: very slow with a very limited selection, but as time has passed, we have grown our selection, and our offerings are always evolving.

Purchase at our shop or at Cool Beans Coffee, Full Moon Sushi, Hastings, Loot and XP, Norman Regional Hospital (west and east) and Syrup in Norman, and the Flying Pig BBQ, Native Roots Market, The Wedge Pizzeria on Western and Wellness Connection in OKC.

Success Vodka



Founded by Jeff Thurmon and Alvin Philipose in 2014

We are a distillery specializing in vodka. Our organic, gluten-free, kosher vodka has been awarded a Gold Medal in the Top 50 Domestic Vodka Competition in NYC. Success Vodka holds a five-star rating on VodkaBuzz.com, and is known for its smooth taste and sweet finish from the wheat used in the distillation.

Success Vodka starts with the soft taste of citrus, followed by a hint of spice, and finishes with a sweet touch, creating a remarkable flavor with a superb smooth finish. It’s distilled six times, then filtered twice, which provides an exceptional level of quality.

Priced between $16 and $22 a bottle, our quality far exceeds our price.

Visit our website for fantastic cocktail recipes–or just drink it with lemon lime soda, in a martini, or with a slice of your favorite fruit.

Success Vodka is available throughout Oklahoma in many liquor stores, bars and restaurants, and throughout Kansas and Texas.