Huntington's Fine Jewelers 2

It’s All About Being a Good Family Jeweler

It’s been nearly 30 years since Lantz Smith and his wife, Lisa, opened Huntington Fine Jewelers in south Oklahoma City. In that time, the Smiths have served thousands of customers, many of whom have gone on to become personal friends and close associates.

“We really work hard to build relationships with our customers,” Lantz explains. “We do everything we can to earn their trust as well as meet their jewelry needs.”

For the Smith family, fine jewelry is one of the most romantic and often sentimental gifts that can be given, and they value their role in helping their customers find exactly what they are searching for. “There is an art to finding the right piece for the right occasion,” Lisa explains. “The act of selecting the piece is a special moment in itself, and we love being part of that.”

Huntington has grown to employ more than a dozen staff members, but the focus has steadfastly remained the same–it is all about being a good family jeweler. “We work to not just make a sale, but to truly build a relationship,” Lantz explains. “We are there when they get married and there when their family grows. We are part of the big moments of celebration and importance in their lives. We really get to know our customers.”

Growing With the Next Generation

“Businesses go through seasons,” Lantz reflects. “We are definitely in a season of growth.”

Lisa and Lantz credit much of that success to their children becoming an integral part of the family business. “Our kids have literally grown up in the business,” Lisa explains of their four children, Lauren, Lexis, London and Landyce. “They each explored other fields, but have chosen to come back to Huntington. We love the fact that they have chosen to come and work with us.”

The family also has welcomed two son-in-laws and four grandchildren, all under the age of 2. “We helped our early customers with our kids in our arms,” Lantz recollects. “And now we serve our current customers with our grandchildren in our arms.”

Lisa adds that the influence of the new generation helps to keep their business on the cutting edge of trends and technology in the jewelry industry. “I love watching our kids grow in the business,” she says. “They constantly encourage us to look into new things. They were raised in a very close, goal-oriented family. I can’t wait to see all that they will help us accomplish during their careers.”

The Latest Styles and Technology

In the past five years, Huntington has expanded jewelry offerings to showcase new lines, including Hearts on Fire, Simon G., Le Vian Bridal, Gucci watches and Tacori. “We are thrilled about Tacori because it is the No. 1 ring that brides want,” Lisa explains. “We are always looking for lines that are a good fit for us and that we are a good fit for them.”

Huntington services expand well beyond finding a perfect piece. “We offer professional services that other jewelers don’t,” Lantz says. “We have two certified gemologists on staff who can help our customer with appraisals, design choices and more.”

The store offers custom design on bridal rings and other jewelry, engraving, jewelry and watch repair. Huntington also provides customers with the ability to redesign or repurpose any existing jewelry into new pieces. “Our staff can consider the needs and desires of the customer and use the latest technology to provide them with a visual of their new piece of jewelry,” Lantz says. “It’s very high-tech, and our staff goes through a lot of training to make sure they are on the cusp of our field.”

Continuing the Tradition

Since opening their doors, the Smiths have worked to give back to the community that has been such a large part of their lives. “We support the Baptist Children’s Home, animal welfare organizations, local sports teams and much more,” Lisa says. “We’ve been very blessed, and we want to help bless others in return.”

The Smiths predict that the future of Huntington Jewelers will be continued growth and expansion. “Many of our new customers now are the children of our established customers,” Lantz says. “We were their parents’ jeweler, and now we are theirs. That’s our past and our future. It’s the legacy of that.”

Huntington Jewelers is located at 10633 South Western Ave. in Oklahoma City. Contact them at 692.4300 or visit