Traveling and Celebrating Our Independence

Are you enjoying your summer so far? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Oklahoma summers–unless I have a large body of water (swimming pool, creek, lake or at least a wading pool!)–close by in which to douse myself from time to time.

Some people choose to escape the heat by taking a vacation to an ocean beach state or more temperate climes. Others choose more exotic locales. Among the latter are those University of Oklahoma alumni and friends who have discovered Sightseeing Sooners, the travel program of the OU Alumni Association. Sightseeing Sooners offers travel packages both here and abroad, by land and by ship, that take most of the work and stress out of planning and organizing, leaving more time for fun. Inside, you’ll read about this increasingly popular program.

July also is when we celebrate our nation’s independence with fireworks displays and festivals, big and small. Inside, we take a look at some of the celebrations being planned across central Oklahoma. Each venue offers different activities, including carnival rides, live music, a road rally, crafts and free watermelon. Select the one that appeals most to you and your family.

Independence of another sort is celebrated in our Giving Back department. Thanks to Meals on Wheels of Norman Inc. and its dedicated cadre of volunteers, many of the city’s elderly and disabled are able to remain in their homes longer, with less worry to family and friends. Meals on Wheels volunteers not only deliver a healthful lunch, they provide companionship and even, in some cases, food for Fido or Fluffy.

You’ll also want to read our Hot Spot column on Mary Eddy’s Kitchen and Lounge, a classy new restaurant located, along with the 21c Museum Hotel, in the Fred Jones Manufacturing Building in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley. Featuring a chef-driven New American menu, along with an extensive wine and cocktail list and memorable desserts, it’s certain to impress.

July marks the six-month anniversary of Cleveland County Lifestyle magazine. We continue to seek your feedback on our Facebook page. A heartfelt thanks to our readers and advertisers, who make this publication possible.