Nurture Day Spa 3

Say Goodbye to Stress, Hello to Ahhhh

In a society that encourages people to do it all (and to stay connected on social media while doing it), it’s easy to get lost in the stress of a fast-paced life. Many people go days, months, or even longer without taking a break to focus on themselves.

Robyn Henson and Talia Hays want to help you change that. In July 2015, they created a beautiful, calming oasis in the heart of Norman that offers everything from deep tissue massages to facials to sauna and steam rooms. Walking into Nurture Day Spa is like walking into a dream of lush plant life and relaxing music, with each room carefully decorated to conjure images of the different cultures that inspired many of the treatment options.

A passion for learning from other cultures shines throughout the day spa. Hays, a licensed massage therapist, explains that it’s important to them to show appreciation for cultural differences while honoring age-old traditions valued for their effectiveness.

“Hundreds of years ago, people would go to natural spring waters to bathe for medicinal purposes, to heal and to escape the stress of their daily lives,” shares Henson, a licensed aesthetician. “Bathing rituals are making a comeback in the spa world right now.”

In fact, Henson notes, their spa packages based on cultural themes are one thing that sets Nurture Day Spa apart from its local counterparts. Their packages range from Greek and Roman bath treatments to a full Tropical Thai experience.

They even offer a Royal Egyptian package that includes a gold facial, which Hays explains as a “highly mineralized mask that is both hydrating and firming,” and, yes, it contains actual gold flakes.

It can also be purchased individually, as one of their wide range of facial treatments that includes “everything from acne treatments to anti-aging facials,” Henson says.

“Self-care is more of a need than a luxury,” says Hays. “Modern science tells us that stress is a huge contributing factor to many ailments, and letting it accumulate only increases its negative effects.” Because of this, the pair works to make their prices and services practical for everybody.

“We want each individual to get the most out of their spa experience,” she adds, explaining that clients leave the spa at their leisure so that they never feel rushed. There’s even a private room in which to drink tea and relax.

It comes as no surprise that the spa owners share the charmingly succinct motto “nurture yourself.” Their clients seem to have picked up the mantra as well, with most individuals returning on a regular basis.

One of the spa’s most popular services is threading, which, Henson explains, is “a natural form of hair removal that originated in India.” Because there are no chemicals used, and no heat (like in traditional waxing), it irritates the skin less and causes less redness.

Henna (an ancient temporary tattoo tradition) is also popular, especially in the summer. The spa offers everything from small hand designs to prenatal henna designs.

Don’t know which spa package is right for you? Henson and Hays love helping people personalize their services according to their ailments or concerns. “We try to teach people about creating a ritual using the steam room, bathtub and facial room services,” says Hays.

For first timers, Henson recommends choosing a package that includes a sample of everything. Hays stresses the importance of clearing a block of time to relax and enjoy the spa services without keeping an eye on the clock. She adds, “doing the sauna and steam, or a bath, before a massage helps warm the muscles so that you get the most out of your massage.” And they always recommend a cool shower after time in the sauna to close pores.

Keep an eye out for summer membership deals! Membership can be purchased monthly or quarterly and allows unlimited access to the sauna, steam, relaxation room and shower, in addition to offering a 10 percent discount on products and services.

Walk-ins for most treatments are accepted, but they recommend calling at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid a wait time. For massages, it is best to call ahead and schedule an appointment.

Additional information about treatments and booking can be found on or by calling 928.4434.