Magic, Food and Hula Hoops 2

Library Offers Diverse Lineup for July

Summer Reading is in full swing around the Pioneer Library System’s 11 hometown libraries throughout Cleveland County and the entire PLS service area. And thanks to the support of the many donors and sponsors of the library’s events, that has included a variety of programs for all ages.

Several more events are planned for July.

Magician Michael Corley actually began his career in library performances as a storyteller. He got the push toward magic when one year’s Summer Reading Program theme on art lent itself to finishing a storytelling session with a few magic acts he titled “The Magic of Art.”

“It went over very well,” Corley said. “So I just added a few more tricks and it grew from there.”

Now he’s equal parts magic and stories, with plenty of audience participation, particularly for the youngsters in attendance.

The Food for Thought Learning Institute returns for a fourth consecutive year to be part of the Summer Reading Program. Instructors will offer ideas about taking what people might already have inside their kitchens and using it to make healthful and inexpensive meals and treats. This year, they’ll focus specifically on several ways to make salsa in a program for adults.

The organization has worked throughout Norman and the surrounding communities since 2010, educating local residents on good ideas for healthful eating and for making common ingredients go into tasty recipes and not go to waste. They’ve worked with organizations like Bridges of Norman, the United Way, Dimensions Academy and, most recently, the City of Moore on several healthy initiative projects.

“We are already busy with what we do separately, but we see this work as a calling,” said Matt Joplin, one of the founders of Food for Thought.

Kelsey Philo keeps fit and teaches about fitness through the use of hula hoops. She will share with teen audiences about the basics of making a hula hoop and then show them how best to use it. More importantly, she will bring advice on positive body image and the strength every person has inside of them.

“Positive body image is so important,” she said, adding it’s also important for people to find something that’s fun for them. “You don’t have to have an expensive gym membership to get in shape,” she maintains.

Sponsors for this year’s edition of the Summer Reading Program are Hitachi Computer Products of America Inc., the Oklahoma Arts Council, the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Oklahoma College Savings Plan, Sonic, The Oklahoman Newspapers in Education, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Pioneer Library System Foundation, Friends of the Library groups and the Pioneer Library System.

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