Republic Bank & Trust 2

Uniquely Focused on the Communities It Serves

When you ask Republic Bank & Trust President and CEO Chuck Thompson what sets Republic apart from other banks in the region, he smiles. Then he recommends that you find out what sets this institution apart from the people who know best: their customers.

It isn’t that Thompson–a third-generation Cleveland County resident who has been in the banking business since 1977, 30 of those with Republic–doesn’t enjoy sharing Republic’s services and place in the community; he just thinks their customers, some of whom have banked with them for generations, can tell the story better, and without bias.

For years, the bank has published in print and online short stories about its customers, personal or business, describing their relationship with the bank and how it helped them grow their business or accomplish a major goal, such as purchasing a house or vehicle, financing a dream vacation, or pursuing a hobby. Those stories are then printed, framed, and hung proudly on the walls throughout each banking center and given to customers. You are sure to find some of your neighbors’ stories there.

Pressed to offer some highlights about Republic, Thompson is happy to oblige.

“We are headquartered here, and thus are uniquely focused on the communities we serve,” he begins.

“As a true community bank,” he elaborated, “we are clearly aware that Republic is only as healthy as the communities we serve, so we put a lot of work and effort into ensuring that our communities are healthy.” The bank has forged connections throughout Cleveland County, with social services, education, the arts, local government, and so on.

In addition to serving the Norman community, Republic Bank & Trust–founded in Norman in 1988–serves the surrounding communities, including Oklahoma City, Moore and Noble.

Their newest banking center, which opened March 7, is located to serve residents of Oklahoma City and Moore. Found at the intersection of 119th and S. Western in Greenwood Plaza, this venue offers the same convenient banking hours and all the services and amenities available at their headquarters in Norman, including a fully wired meeting room with kitchen facilities, available for use by the community.

When planning the location of its banking centers, Thompson said, one of their goals is “to create a sense of place. … to create a warm, hometown feel for that neighborhood and area.”

Thompson said Republic Bank & Trust offers a broad range of services, including customized financing, mortgage lending, wealth management, and a wide array of normal and unique personal and business depository arrangements.

Republic also provides the full gamut of mobile banking services and a Global Rewards Check Card that offers holders free access to their money wherever they go. Unlike most other “free” check or debit cards, Thompson said, their card delivers what it promises, without requiring the customer to save and submit receipts for reimbursement or jump through other hoops. At ATMs which charge a fee for nonmembers, Global Rewards Check holders never see it: Republic picks up the fee. “To the best of my knowledge,” Thompson said, “no other bank has this sort of program, with no restrictions or other limitations.”

Thompson also points out that, while Republic has a strong community component, the bank’s outreach is truly global.

“We’ve got customers in the United Kingdom and other places all over the world who happily bank with us. They may have been in Cleveland County at some point, then continue to bank with us because of the convenience and the relationships they have established with our bankers,” he said.

But when it comes down to the bottom line, it may be the human touch that attracts and keeps most of Republic’s customers.

“When you call us, you get a human,” Thompson said. “Most of the time, where you bank may or may not make a big difference, but when you need financial help, you need a bank where there are people who know you and are excited to delight you.”