The Arts and This Unique County

Welcome to our “Green” issue, devoted to both definitions of “green”: the symbolic color of environmentalism and sustainability, and the color most commonly associated with nature and growth. The theme is a timely one, as April 22 is celebrated nationwide as Earth Day.

In this issue, you will find stories on how to be a good citizen of Earth–one being to frequent your local farm market, where you can find better-tasting and fresher veggies and fruit that weren’t transported long-distance. Another story explores measures being taken by the City of Norman to ensure a safe and plentiful water supply for residents and business today and generations to come.

Also in this issue, you will learn how to select grasses, shrubs, trees and other ornamentals when landscaping your yard or planting a garden that require minimal watering and fertilizing, saving you dollars as well as our precious H20. Choosing native plants whenever possible is one of the top recommendations offered by area greenhouses and landscapers.

We hope you are enjoying our series of reviews of popular dining establishments in Cleveland County. This month, we feature Royal Bavaria, a German getaway in Moore that is becoming a cherished feature of central Oklahoma. All of the beer served here is brewed in-house, and each style honors the 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot Purity Law from Ingolstadt, Bavaria, which decries that only water, barley, hops and yeast may be used in the brewing process.

Also in this issue, we feature Outdoor Escapes, a business in Moore that specializes in open-air living spaces, including patios, cabanas, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens; landscaping; and swimming pools.

It seems everyone is chomping at the bit for spring to arrive. After months of eagerly perusing seed catalogs with their tempting selection of flowers, vegetables, trees and other plants, area gardeners are eager to get their hands into the warm soil. Children are anticipating warmer temperatures and the opportunity to shed their shoes, green lawns upon which they can perform cartwheels, and longer days for fun and games. About the only “bumps” in all this anticipation are: the certainty of severe weather, which has become a seasonal certainty in central Oklahoma, and Tax Day.

Whether you think “environment” or “lawn” when you hear the term “green,” April is the month to reflect on Nature’s bounty and how we, as the caretakers of this planet, can ensure that we, our children, and our children’s children will be able to enjoy those things we too often take for granted, including clean air and water and a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

Happy Earth Day.